Core Origin Faqs

Core Origin Faqs

Will I have to take this forever?

Probably not. Core Correct works quickly to repair the lining of your gut and once your gut is healthy again, there’s a good chance it will stay that way. We do have some customers who take Core Correct every day. Others take it every other day. Still others have found their new healthy gut is good to go. We recommend letting your body and your symptoms be your guide.

Will symptoms get worse before they get better?

No way! We do NOT want your symptoms to get worse. Once you start taking Core Correct, your symptoms will only improve. They will not worsen first.

What’s the best time of day to take it?

Take Core Correct first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. When it hits your gut before any other food, Core Correct can easily reach the microscopic damage, and work quickly to repair it. If you forget your morning dose, Core Correct can also be taken in between meals.

I’m taking Core Correct to help me sleep. When should I take it?

For an excellent night’s sleep, take Core Correct 15 – 30 minutes before bed. Our customers have told us this time window promotes excellent sleep at night. Oddly enough, the only time Core Correct didn’t work well was when our customers drank a few too many glasses of wine, cocktails, or beers in the evening. We found it interesting that alcohol would prevent Core Correct from doing its job so we decided to work with those customers and figure out why this would happen. We asked them to do an experiment for us and drink a big glass of water after their last alcoholic beverage, then take Core Correct as usual. Voila, that glass of rehydrating water was a game changer! Core Correct worked again and our customers received an excellent night’s sleep.

But I take probiotics.

Probiotics are an excellent way to add good bacteria to your gut. However, probiotics don’t heal the lining of the gut, which is the job of Core Correct. If we compare the body to a car, the difference is like adding oil versus gasoline to your car. The two products benefit and serve your body in completely different ways. Because a healthy gut is more receptive to good bacteria, many Core Correct users find they can reduce or eliminate their use of probiotics once their gut lining is repaired.