My skin has not looked this good in YEARS!

I started taking Core Correct a year ago this past week. I was suffering from a plethora of issues, namely and most apparent was my cystic acne. As a twenty-something girl who hadn’t dealt much with acne in my teenage years, I was horribly embarrassed at the state of my skin throughout college and post-grad. I tried every oil, ointments and acid treatment under the sun, spending way too much money, but nothing worked. So when my mom learned about Core Correct, I took a chance that maybe my gut was the issue and this could help heal my acne from the inside out. And what a wild ride it’s been since! My acne is practically gone (including major redness, scarring, and sensitivity). My skin has not looked this good in YEARS! On top of that, my other issues were addressed without even intending to! I noticed a shift in my mental health, my anxiety and depressive tendencies seemed to melt away. I feel mentally clear and joyful. With more energy to get through my days, I’m not dragging my feet all day, which is so refreshing. My Core Correct morning routine is essential in my day now (it actually tastes good too!) and I could not be more grateful to Barbara for her excitement in my journey. They created a miracle product that has given me my life back. If you’re on the fence, take the leap of faith like I did.