Postpartum self has changed in a matter of a few weeks

I have been amazed at the difference that my postpartum self has changed in a matter of a few weeks of taking Core Correct. I have never dealt well with stress, but this product has changed me from teeth-grinding to a super affectionate wife and mother! I have always known that gut issues run in my family (probably the weekly slew of greasy Tex-Mex meals my family shared growing up in Dallas). My father died from cancer a few years back at 54 who suffered from a variety of stomach problems including IBS. That has been an alarm bell that something has to change. I have done diet changes and differing supplements… I have been grateful for the journey but I haven’t found something that worked this quickly to make me the person I want to be. UPDATE: I had not been consistent in taking my Core Correct daily with all the summer activities. Today I got back on it and I can’t believe the difference from being off for a few weeks to my first day back on it.